Professional radio mic equipment by Shure and Trantec.

Handheld Systems

Shure are world-renowned for their handheld wireless microphone systems and are seen every day on stages and TV shows. I keep a range of Shure handheld systems which use the industry standard Shure dynamic and condenser mic heads. They are all on the Channel 38 band (606-614MHz) and are supplied with a license:

Shure SLX with Beta87C head
Shure SLX with SM58 head
Shure PGX with SM58 head

Beltpack (Lavalier) Systems

I have standardised on the Trantec S5 series for beltpack-worn wireless systems. They give professional level performance in terms of audio quality and reliability, yet are cost-effective to be offered to schools and amateur societies that don’t have huge equipment hire budgets. They are available in either single systems, or in racks of 4, 6, or 8 channels. They’re also available in both Channel 38 and Channel 70 on UHF meaning that up to 16 systems can be used simultaneously, within the terms of UK licensing.

Trantec S5 with black tieclip mic (business/corporate use)
Trantec S5 with beige lavalier mic (theatre use – taped on forehead)
Trantec S5 with beige lightweight headset (theatre use – especially dance shows)

VHF Beltpack Systems

I still keep a rack of Trantec VHF beltpack systems with beige lavalier mics for school use. They still offer good audio performance, although the beltpacks are a little larger than the professional S5 series so are correspondingly cheaper.

Trantec 4-way VHF system with beige lavalier mics and antenna distribution unit

Please email me for hire prices on this equipment.