Jim Cregan was Rod Stewart’s songwriting partner and guitarist in the 70’s and has credits on many of Rod’s greatest early hits. Pat Davey, good friend and versatile bassist extraordinaire, asked me to engineer Cregan and Co at Bournemouth’s Pier Approach “holiday stage” in August 2014.

Mixing on an LS7-32 from a tent way out to the right of the stage gave a slightly odd sonic view, although a wander round the audience reassured me that all was well. WE Sound provided all PA for the stage and the most extraordinary thing was the Martin MLA Mini line array speaker system. Four tiny boxes each less than 2 foot wide, (plus some meaty subs beneath the stage) easily filled the 30x30m audience area to concert volume, and there was clearly plenty of headroom at that too. Quite a treat.

The band cranked through all the Rod Stewart classics and thoroughly enjoyed themselves on stage.

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