This is Swing Unlimited Big Band’s second CD release. Far from being a “difficult second album”, this was an absolute joy. We thought we’d try and record live – not just all playing together, but actually live at a gig. The band decided that the 2010 Remembrance Concert at the Regent Centre in Christchurch would be a good opportunity, and everyone made sure they were rehearsed and ready. The results speak for themselves with brilliant playing and some tremendous solos.

Technically, I teamed up with Ben Craven for the recording as he had some nice A-D convertors and a new laptop. I split every mic line at the stagebox, and ran out a second multicore to the room behind the stage at the Regent Centre. There, Ben connected his collection of Motu interfaces to his Macbook Pro, and with some luck and a lot of skill managed to capture all of my mics without affecting the front of house sound.

Mixdown was done over a couple of months at bass player, Andy Pitt’s home studio, with Ben bringing his Macbook to every mix session. Eventually we got concensus from the musical directors of the band that it was as good as we could make it, and SUBB CD2 went to press.

You can listen to a couple of sample tracks from the album here:

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