A range of microphones to suit a wide variey of applications from spoken word to all sorts of musical instruments. Categorised by type.

Condenser Mics

Note that all condenser mics listed here require phantom power from your desk.

Neumann KMS105 Black. Arguably the finest handheld live vocal mic in the world. Supercardioid pickup pattern. Wonderfully detailed and balanced sound, the mic of choice of many famous singers.
Neumann KMS104 Black. The cardioid version of the 105, above, which has a broader pickup pattern but a very similar sound.
Oktava MK012 (8 available). A Russian manufactured pencil condenser mic that can be used in many applications. Perfect for drum overheads, choirs, saxes, trumpets and acoustic guitar. Has been compared favourably to the Neumann KM184 with which it shares an open, detailed sound.
LD Systems D1011 (5 available). A handheld vocal condenser mic that can also be used for wind instruments. Supercardioid pickup.
SE Electronics SE2000. A large diaphragm studio condenser mic with a cardioid pickup pattern. For studio vocals.
Behringer B2Pro. A large disphragm studio condenser mic with slectable (Cardioid/Fig-8/Omni).

Dynamic Mics

Shure SM58 (4 available). Industry standard stage vocal mic. Sound characteristics ensure vocals can cut through a busy or loud mix.
Shure Beta 58A (2 available). A development of the SM58 that gives it a supercardioid pickup pattern for more resistance to feedback in some situations.
Shure SM57 (10 available). Industry standard instrument mic that can be used on just about anything. Especially favoured for snare drums.
Shure Beta57 (3 available). Slightly brighter and supercardioid version of the SM57.
Audix D6. Speciality bass drum mic. Tailored frequency response to give a deep, full, kick drum sound with little or no eq.
Sennheiser e906. Speciality mic designed to be the best for guitar cabinets. Has a flat front so you can just hang it over the front of the cabinet without the need for a stand.
D606 (5 available). Low cost nylon-bodied mics for drums. Resistant to stick-hits, yet capture a rich sound. Universal clip mounts the mic on to the rim of toms and snares.

Special Purpose Mics

Superlux S502 stereo mic. Single point stereo condenser mic. fixed 110deg (ORTF) configuration gives amazing stereo realism in recording choirs, orchestral or drums. Can also be used for live sound.
Bartlett/Crown PCC160 (2 available). Boundary layer mic for theatrical use at the edge of a stage. Picks up actors’ dialogue over a wide area.
Yoga boundary layer mics (3 avaiable). For use as above, at stage edge for theatrical reinforement.
Hanging condenser mic (2 available). Miniature mic for hanging above a theatre stage for general pickup of chorus.
Mini-shotgun mic (2 available). Highly directional condenser mic that can be used on a stand or hung, for general theatre pickup.
Gooseneck mics. Bendy mics for use on lecterns. 12″ and 18″ gooseneck versions.
Clip-on condenser mic (2 available). For saxophone or trumpet, to allow the player freedon to move around.